Green Smoothies Recipes app

Green Smoothies Recipes app

Want to be healthier with your nutrition but don’t have the time?

That’s where “Green Smoothies Recipes” comes in. We’ve personally tested 100+ recipes over a span of 5 years to bring you the absolute best ones. Here at Habby, we have a deep obsession with finding out recipes that are not only delicious but also healthy!

Green smoothies are a fantastic way to boost your vitamin and nutrient intake! Studies have shown that eating more fruits and vegetables is good for your health and could also significantly reduce your health risks.

Inside the app, you’ll discover:

28 high quality green smoothie recipes (with HD photos)
The ability to track your daily progress and get a daily reminder
Weekly shopping lists make it easy to do

You can easily eat healthy without the hassle of cooking a meal or testing your own recipes.